Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 5 Doodle Doers

In case any of you were wondering I doodle when you doodle.  In fact yesterday I got stuck for inspiration almost all day!  It wasn't until about 4pm when I came up with an idea. I really enjoyed it once I got going.

How do you find inspiration for your doodles? Do you sit and stare at the empty page? Or does it just happen straight away?

Todays doodle is I Dream Of.....

Pop over to the Doodle Schmoodle Flickr Pool to have a look at all the really cool doodles.

Sorry for the late posting today, I write these every morning.  I really really must write them in advance and then just click publish, yes that would make more sense :D

Happy Doodling Doodle Schmoodlers!


  1. I'm going to be playing catch up for a while. I started on Day 3 as you know and I'm going away for the weekend. I will have access to the computer but no printer or scanner. Hope that's ok. Loving the group! (but I told you that already) :)

  2. wow, there's a dangerous topic...

  3. This'll be a tricky one - I just dream of "peace" tee hee! I'll put my thinking cap on. Elaine

  4. I wish my printer was working! This challenge looks great - I might have to come back to this later in the year :)

  5. All my dreams came true in the last few months (well...apart from the lottery one!! lol) so I really struggled with this one. I haven't done it yet and may come back to it at a later date I think.

    Oh, just realised my daughter Amber left herself logged in to Blogger, it's me...Top Floor Treasures really! Haha