Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 4 Doodle Gang

The Doodle Schmoodle Challenge is going great guns!!  Here's a little sneaky look at some of the amazing doodles so far!  We have a couple of kids joining us as well which is absoutely fantastic!

Doodle Schmoodle Day 1My daughter's doodle. Day 1


1. Top Floor Treasures 2. Top Floor Treasures's Amazing 11 Year Old Daughter Amber  3.Sixes&Sevens  4. It belongs To Turtle 5. Kitty Pinkstars Incredible 9 Year Old Son Noah

The challenge is going better than I ever thought it would.  Your doodles are all so cool and it is so intresting to see how different everyones pages are.

Day 4 :  Your Gallery

Off you pop, get doodling!

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