Wednesday, 17 March 2010


So, I wanted to blog today but my brain isn't working so well.  I ask my tweeples on Twitter what I should blog about and to be honest the response was kinda slim. But anyways, I did get some replies and of those I have chosen Chickens.

Cheeky Chicken by Swirly Arts

What do I like about chickens apart from that they are finger licking good?  Mmmmm, well they are funny looking...and although they have wings they can't fly!!  Bizarre

Chickens by Covetables

They give us yummy eggs to eat.  What's your favourite way to eat eggs?  Mine is Cake.

Chicken Noodle by Hilary Upton

I love being woken up at 4am by my neighbour's cockrel.......I'm being sarcastic!

Wooden Chickens by Half An Acre

But most of all I like them because they inspire people to make beautiful things like the ones above.  So thank you Mr & Mrs Chicken for being there.


  1. wonderful finds : )
    all very chipper & vibrant!

  2. You know I love me some chickens!

  3. Cake is also my favorite way to eat eggs!

  4. Oh yeah!! Thanks for featuring my cheeky chicken pincushion/paperweight!