Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 8 Week 2 Woohoo

Well, week 1 was a roaring success.  You guys are AWESOME hahaha No I really mean it.  I am so happy that so many of you are enjoying this Doodle Challenge so much.  Look at these doodles, cool eh?

Doodle Schmoodle Challenge

I have got a busy time ahead of me now, we are in week 2 of the doodle challenge so have lots more fun doodles to do (ssh don't tell anyone but I am already a day and half behind!.......will catch up today)  I have also started my own art journal, which I am not very good at but I have only done 3 pages so will hopefully learn alot about myself and my style.  Today is also the first day of my Journaling for A Cause course run by Janel from Run With Scissors.  And the MOST important thing....the school holidays have started!!!


This is one of the pages from my new art journal, I'll get there eventually!

Right well then, I guess you are all saying "get on with it, we just want our doodle) so here you go, Doodle No 8 Where I Like To Go

Happy Doodling Doodle Dooers.


  1. I'm a day and a half behind too, so you're not alone! About to catch up right now! Good luck with the journal, it's looking good so far.


  2. Oops, I'm signed in as my son, sorry - it's Ellie's Treasure btw!