Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I Have Taken Up The Challenge!!

The other day whilst doing a bit of blog hopping I stumbled across Run With Scissors! And immediately fell in love with the 30 Day Journal Challenge! Basically Janel, me and countless others are going to be journaling every day for 30 days. Janel will give a prompt every day on her website and then we let our imaginations go wild hehehe.

She has a Flickr group where you can upload your journal pages.
I started a teeny tiny bit late but I caught up with the first 2 pages last night.

Prompt 1 : Create a full page design introducing yourself :) Highlight your name many times in the midst of your design.

Prompt2 : What is the BEST part of your day?

So there you have it, my first 2 journaling attempts. I am thoroughly enjoying myself and am looking forward to the next 28 pages!!

Ps note to self, clean camera lens!

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