Thursday, 15 April 2010

I'm Obsessed

I seem to have developed a new obsession, one which I cannot afford and will never get round to satisfying........Blythe!  I am not sure when the obsession started or why in fact.  I am a 38 year old mother of 3 and feel slightly weird about wanting a doll.  That said I really do want one.  But what is is about Blythe that makes them so wantable?  Is it the oversized head, the fantastic clothes, the individuality of each one or the community that goes with them?  All I can say is I am smitten and will just have to satisfy my need with looking at all the great photos on flickr of them.


All the above photos are curtesy of the brilliant Zaloa27 who customises Blythes.  Thank you very much for letting me use your photos.

I am slightly jealous of all the Blythe owners, however if I win the lottery my first port of call with be Zaloa27, that's for sure and I am already making a list of wants on mine.


  1. *shudder* they creep me out!
    wouldn't they scare the Hotdoggies?

  2. the second one, green eyes black pigtails, is beautiful, and I really don't like them normally. Probably because I always wanted bright green eyes myself! ^_^

  3. Dammit now I have to have the green eyed one too. They're not scary at all, just a bit haunting.