Thursday, 11 March 2010


I just wanted to give you all a little heads up. I have learned a huge amount of blogging skills from one lovely lady who dishes out her wisdom for free. She is called Hillary and she runs 2 fantastic blogs called Haptree And Me and Craft Blog UK.

If ever you want to learn some new trick for your blog or you want to make it look nicer that should be your first port of call. Everything is laid out in simple to understand instructions.

So click above or below to start learning from her.

And if you are not looking to improve your blogs just go and have a look around hers anyway, they are both lovely. If you have a craft blog and you have not yet joined Craft Blog UK then what are you waiting for? Move it!


  1. Thanks Chantal! So nice of you to write this - I really appreciate it - especially to be part of this great new blog!

  2. great blog, and thanks for the link to haptree, I'll have a look tomorrow, joy